June 19, 2008


Away for work, staying in a suites hotel, all i could think of when i looked at the couch was how nice it would be to be on my back being fucked by my Master, as we have done on many a hotel couch before. i emailed Him to tell Him that, and in my bedtime instructions, he told me to lie on my back on the couch, legs up in the air, imagining Him fucking my cunt. i imagined His long strokes in and out, and Him bending me in half to get as deep as He could.

When i stay in hotels, i have to wear my wrist and ankle cuffs, and a chain to link my ankle cuffs together. As i lied on my back, the chain connecting my ankle cuffs slid up against my cunt, and i shivered at the cold. i took the chain and laid it against my clit and my slit. But that wasn’t enough. i took the chain and pushed it into my cunt. i lied there legs up, chain in my cunt, rubbing my nipples and fantasizing about Him fucking me. The chain that wasn’t in my cunt was up against my clit, and if i moved my leg it would rub against my clit, and soon i found myself eding orgasm like that, just with the chain jiggling on my clit, more chain in my cunt, and my fingers on my nipples.

i moved my legs down and the chain came out. But i needed to feel my arousal and my need for my Master, so i did it again, edging once again, amazed that if i only had permission, i could have come like that, just from the chain against my clit and inside my cunt. i played with myself like that a couple times more, not wanting to stop, the arousal of being so close somehow less frustrating than the ache in my loins as i prepared to go to sleep unfulfilled.

i wrote my Master to tell Him about it, and begged as sweetly as i could for permission to orgasm the next morning before i went off to work. i had been on edge for days, and couldn’t imagine trying to concentrate with that heat in my cunt. i promised Him that i would do it in as slutty a way as he wanted – with the chain, or the shoe, however He wanted.

Lucky slavegirl that i am, i woke up to permission to give my Master an orgasm. “With a plug in your ass. With the shoe in your cunt. On your back. On the couch.”

i went into the bathroom, lubed up the plug and slid it into my ass, thinking how appreciative i am that my Master has taught me to be His ass slut and to enjoy the sensation of being so full there.

i took my shoe and the chain i had been wearing to sleep in over to the couch. Ever since the night before i had been fantasizing about stuffing the entire length of the chain inside of me. Maybe wearing it there through my day, or just pulling it out slowly or quickly as i masturbated.

i began playing with my nipples. My cunt was already wet, and it just got wetter. i took the length of chain and started sliding it into my cunt. It went in very easily, i was so very slippery and wet. When i had everything in but the ring at one end, i went back to playing with my nipples and rubbing my clit. i was so close to orgasm already, that i took my hand off my clit and used it to thrust the butt plug deeper into my ass.

i knew i wasn’t going to last long – i’d been too aroused for too long to stretch this one out. i started rubbing my clit again and pulled the chain slowly out. Someday i’d like to come that way, but this time i made sure i didn’t. Instead, i reached over to get the shoe, and slid it straight into my sloppy wet cunt.

i thrust the shoe in and out of my cunt as i rubbed my clit, all the while imagining my Master there watching me, teasing me, egging me on. As orgasm approached, i begged aloud “please Sir, please let Your shoe-fucking slut come for You.” Like a mantra, i repeated it several times until i came in a shuddering, moaning, gasping orgasm.

And now, still, all i can think about is the feeling of the chain in my cunt.


  1. that pic makes me hungary, xx

  2. such a lucky little slave to have a master treat you so well

  3. i love the mantra repeated at the end. it was an excellent crescendo that left me thinking of the glistening wetness left on the leather of the shoe following your orgasm.

  4. Exile – i am indeed a very lucky little slave.

    Deity – thank you! And thank you for that lovely image of “glistening wetness.”

  5. The bondage and submission in this was wonderful. The sexy hotness of the shoe fucking… wow.

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