More chain

June 19, 2008

Last night’s instructions: “Masturbate for me, with the chain you find so appealing, but don’t come. I like thinking about you going to sleep submissive, wet, and eager to please.”

As soon as i read my instructions, my cunt started getting wet. Getting into bed, i took the longest chain from the drawer. it was cold, and i started off by just draping it down my cunt slit while i played with my nipples. i let it lay there warming for a little while, then i took hold of the end of the chain and pulled it slowly over my clit. By the time the end got to the top, it was slick and wet from my cunt juices. i started sliding it into my cunt, a finger length at a time, feeling my cunt grow fuller and fuller with each length.

When i had it all in except for the ring on the end. i got up on my knees to kneel for my Master. i wanted to know if it would stay in, and it did. i slipped my finger down to rub my clit a little as i knelt, feeling my cunt grasping around the chain.

Still kneeling, i continued rubbing my nipples and playing with my clit. Then i grabbed hold of the end of the ring and slowly pulled it out of my cunt as i continued to play with my clit. i don’t know why i find it so erotic, but i do, and after i had the chain fully out, i couldn’t help but want to put it back in. It was harder to get back in all the way, because of my kneeling position and because it was so slippery wet. So i rolled over onto my back instead and got it most of the way back in.

i kept rubbing my clit, and when i got close to orgasm i stopped and pulled the chain out, fast this time. The angle was such that as i pulled it out the chain ran along my clit, and even though i tried to stop it, i felt my body respond with a couple of spasms – not a full fledged orgasm, but something.

Realizing what had happened, i flipped over immediately to kneel for my Master, feeling guilty and contrite for going too far. i knelt like that for a while, focusing my thoughts on my Master. Then i rolled over onto my back. i was still aroused – it hadn’t been enough of a release to quiet my cunt. Thinking about His instructions, i played with my clit some more, building myself up and making sure that my cunt would be wet and wanting and i would be feeling submissive, wet and eager to please as i headed off to sleep. As i rubbed my clit, i fantasized about Him pissing on my cunt as i masturbated, and that fantasy got me very hot, very fast.

Feeling that heat in my cunt, i kissed my Master’s bracelet, then rolled over to drift off to sleep and dream of Him.

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