In which we learn that i have exceptionally smooth inner thighs

April 1, 2009


My Master and i attended 5 workshops/classes over the course of the three days. Friday night was “Did somebody say gangbang?” with the engaging (and drop-dead gorgeous) Rita Seagrave. While i’ve not seriously considered actually being the center of an actual gangbang, it is a hot fantasy for me, and reading about other people’s gangbang experience always turns me on, so this was an obvious choice for us to attend. We learned about different gangbang terminology and all the things that you need to consider when planning one, like having food on hand, the importance of a “conductor,” and that you always have to invite twice as many people as you actually want to attend.

Saturday morning we attended a demonstration on using “ramping” to increase the intensity of your impact play. As my Master is a relative newcomer to the impact play side of BDSM, this was really useful for us, and later in the day He played with several of the techniques He’d learned in our scenes together, to great positive effect. The ideas are pretty simple on the surface – properly preparing the skin and muscles to be able to accept more and more impact, using rhythm to help guide the bottom into sub space, and the importance of building and maintaining a strong connection to help the top keep the bottom in the sweet spot where it’s almost – but not quite – too much. The presenters – Master Gallad and slave kelly – were top notch and very charismatic and genuine. It was a pleasure to listen to their experiences, and we immediately planned to attend their Sunday session as well.

Saturday afternoon was Lap Dancing 101, also from Rita Seagrave, and this was an amazingly fun class! My Master and i were sitting right up in the front row, and as Rita was prepping for the workshop, she asked us if we’d be interested in volunteering. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. The class started off with Rita giving a very sexy lapdance to Joe the Shoe Guy. Then my Master got called to the front so she could demonstrate some specific moves. Like the classic grind (useful for “mapping” the territory), using your head and hair to best effect, and her “signature spread.” The only that could have made it better for Him was if she would have left her shoes on while demonstrating what could be done with that particular portion of her anatomy. Next up it was my turn, as she demonstrated several moves that were especially suitable for when you’re giving a lap dance to a woman. Such as putting your thigh between her legs and rubbing it against her pussy – which is how we learned that i apparently have exceptionally smooth inner thighs.

My Master told me that giving a lapdance is all about eye contact, and that was certainly true from my experience. Even though she was narrating every action to the crowd in the room, i definitely felt like i was the center of her attention and – for that moment at least – the sexiest woman in the room.

i spent the rest of the class with damp panties, paying special attention to the section on “lapdancing your way into a threesome…”

Sunday morning was The Dance with Master Gallad and slave kelly. This was – kind of – about the spiritual side of D/s and M/s, and increasing and maximizing the underlying power exchange. Since it was held first thing Sunday morning it was a small group, so the discussion was very interactive and comfortable.

Lastly, was another Rita Seagrave presentation – “Just One Finger, Please – An Intro to Anal.” Master and i are a little beyond the beginner phase for anal play (does anyone remember Butt Plug Day?) but she is such an engaging and entertaining presenter that we figured it would be a good panel to go to anyway. And it was – how could it not be, when the presenter gave the first half hour of the presentation while lying prone on a table being fingered in the ass by an audience member?


  1. I love women with soft inner thighs, but its not really out of the ordinary.

  2. What a fun weekend that was! Great to meet you and your Master.

  3. I was there too! Rita is awesome!

  4. […] i were thrilled to be entertaining a special visitor, the fun and fabulous Rita Seagrave. We first met Rita at Beat Me in St. Louis in the spring, and through a series of favorable coincidences, her visit to […]

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