Starting Slowly

November 5, 2007

My Master’s been under a lot of stress lately. So He warned me before He came to visit that we were going to be easing into D/s interaction. He even let me wear jeans to pick Him up.

Many kisses were had at the airport and in the car, and we finally got to the hotel and checked in and got into our room. My collar went on, and then i was pretty much immediately pushed onto the bed.

He was on me right away, His hands grabbing my hair hard as He shoved His mouth against mine, biting my lips between violent kisses. He pulled back, and slapped my face hard, three times. My mind was spinning – i thought we were starting slowly, easing in? My mind wasn’t ready. My body was responding to the situation like an assault. He pushed my legs apart and slapped my cunt hard, right through my jeans. Somehow it hurt more than when He does it against my bare skin – there was less sting, but more thud, and the seam of the jeans amplified the force. After the first time, i pulled my legs together, trying to curl up into myself. He forced my legs apart, and hit me again several times, fast and furious, not with His usual tight focus on hitting just the right spot. i struggled, and He growled at me to keep my legs apart. Slowly i managed to get some focus, to remember to submit, and though the slaps still hurt, i was able to keep my legs spread for Him.

i don’t remember all of what happened next (i’m always so impressed by those of you who manage to reconstruct coherent narrative descriptions of scenes). There was kissing and sucking, pinching and biting, the toe of a high heeled shoe shoved so far into my throat that i almost gagged. i know that eventually my pants came off, and my fishnet-stockinged-legs and stiletto-heeled feet were in the air as He shoved His cock through the hole in my crotchless panties and into my wet pussy. My wet pussy that was very tight from the big butt plug in my ass. Three or four strokes later He exploded into me, exploded with His passion and His need and His frustration and His stress. And then He collapsed on top of me, holding me tight against Him, trying to touch every bit of my body with His own, keeping His cock there inside of me as long as He could.


  1. (fanning myself)…if that is ‘easing into it’, i would sure like to read about just diving right in.

    Ironically, i had a discussion with how frustrating it is that i go so far into subspace when we are together. i WANT to be able to remember what has occurred…i WANT to be ‘in the moment’ with Him, but he explained to me that ‘it’s just what i am…there is nothing i can do about that.’

    (sigh) So i know what you are talking about.

    Congratulations on your prize for “Beep”. Glad to see You back as well!


  2. Sounded delicious anyhow!!!

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