November 16, 2007

i went out of town for business recently, and my Master instructed me to take my leather wrist and ankle cuffs with me. One day He had me wear them under my pants when i went to my meetings. When i was standing up, my pants were plenty long enough to cover them, but if i crossed my legs, my pants would creep up just enough to flash the cuffs. So i had to be very conscious of my body positioning at all times, and that made me feel wonderfully submissive.

Mostly, though, he just had me sleep in them every night. i loved waking up and feeling the leather against my skin. Having His bonds surrounding every limb made me feel so delightfully close to Him, especially during a time when we haven’t been able to be in as much constant contact as we usually are.

Thank You, Sir.


  1. i think this is why i like the eternity collar so much. When i’m bed or about the house without him there it reminds me and its constant. Sort of like him kissing my neck šŸ™‚

    i worried at first about whether people would notice at work that i was wearing something screwed on, but you know its funny how unobservant your average people are!


  2. Nice photo! I walked by a woman in the park recently lying in the sun with her skirt riding up about that much and showing about that much ass. Nice remembering….

  3. thisgirl – i have a bracelet that i wear all the time as a symbol of my submission and a reminder of my center. i really love having that, and the couple of times i’ve had to get it repaired i’ve felt quite bereft without it.

    I don’t know if you read my airport greeting story, but yes – average people are very unobservant. Thank goodness!

    Tom – i’m glad my ass could inspire such a nice remembrance for you… šŸ™‚

  4. i can’t wait to get another pair of leather cuffs again. i’ve always enjoyed sleeping in them, they were like a woobie almost. it grounds you.

  5. i have my eternity cuff, AND my leather cuffs that i wear to sleep every night. i, truly, cannot sleep without the leather cuffs, and the eternity cuff NEVER leaves my wrist (with the exception of flying). i feel completely naked without them.

    What a wonderful feeling!


  6. mmmm i love wearing cuffs in bed too…. the secure feeling, the reminder on your skin, it all adds to the feeling of submission… i miss that. t. x

  7. this is so nice….it is always nice to read about other submissives needs being similiar to my own. I had to fly away on business out of state…several hours away and my first night being so far from him was awful. I hadn’t brought anything with me..and I longed for my cuffs or something….Richard fed-exed me a rope with instructions to tie myself to the bed each night…it helped so much!!! thank you for sharing this!

  8. PixiePie – Richard is such a great study in contrasts – oh so sweet, but also an incredible sadist! You’re a lucky sub.

    It’s been great reading all the comments to this post. Like Pixie says, it’s nice to read about other subs having the same needs.

    Sadly, after three nights of sleeping in my cuffs, i really really miss them now that i can’t. šŸ˜¦

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