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Tale of a Shoe Fucking Piss Slut

November 20, 2007

i went upstairs and got into bed. i was cold, so i curled up in bed for a while to warm up, throw off the stress of my day, and get into a submissive place. i thought about our visit in the fall, where You’d made me Your piss slut in truth, and how much that visit was enhanced by having the opportunity for so much build up beforehand. i started thinking about some of the things that You’d made me do, and in keeping with Your instructions for the evening, i thought about that time while i was away on a trip and You made me pee in my panties. i hadn’t thought about it in some time, and thinking about it made me very horny, and overwhelmed by the desire and need to do that for You again. i started playing with my nipples while i was thinking about that, thinking about walking down the street with You and telling You i really needed to pee. i imagined You guiding me into an alley and telling me i had to pee in my panties right there.

i reached into my drawer and got out a clothespin and clipped it behind my clit. it hurt a little more than usual, and i liked that. i kept rubbing my nipples, and thrust my hips so that the clothespin would hit the blankets above me. My mind went back to the alley, and i thought about lifting up my skirt and squatting a little, and then feeling the pee come, through my sheer g-string panties, and splattering on the ground beneath me, splashing up on my shoes and legs.

i was very aroused, and needed something inside of me. But i didn’t want my dildo. i wanted the toe of a shoe. Needed it. i pulled out a shoe from the drawer – with all the stuff in there, it took me a while to find it, and the pain and pleasure from the clothespin on my clit increased as i felt around for it. Finally i had it, and i sucked the toe it into my mouth, licking and kissing it before sliding it into my wet and slippery pussy.

i fucked myself with the toe of the shoe, continuing to play with my nipples with my free hand. i was so aroused, i thought i might come just like that, but i wanted to come to the the pain of the clothespin coming off. i took it off, and started rubbing my tender and swollen clit as i fucked myself and imagined You peeing on your piss slut. As i felt orgasm approach, i cried aloud, begging You to pee in my mouth, and as i imagined You doing it, i came very very hard. And then i lied there for quite a while, shoe still in my cunt, catching my breath as i felt my cunt muscles clench and unclench around the toe of the shoe.