A spanking story

November 21, 2007

The other day, my Master told me that He wanted a fantasy in His inbox when He woke up – no excuses – and that i’d better make it one that He’d like. i had a really hard time coming up with something to write about – being made to write on command gives me performance anxiety like nothing else! i wished for a moment that we were like those couples for whom physical punishment was part of the dynamic – where if i didn’t follow His instructions, i’d get some theoretically awful (but ultimately delicious) punishment. But my punishments run to cold showers instead, and i really hate disappointing my Master (even aside from the cold shower part!) But now that i was thinking about punishment, i finally had something to write about.


“Get over here,” You commanded, and i moved quickly to kneel in front of You.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, and disappointed me. You know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” i muttered quietly. “Bad girls get a spanking.”

“That’s right,” You said, and You pulled me up onto your lap, over your knee. Then You pulled my short schoolgirl skirt up (not that it needed much up) and pulled my lace panties down around my knees.

“Ten to begin, I think,” You said. “Count them for me.”

And then Your hand struck my bare bottom. Hard. This was not play. This was not a warm up. This was punishment for disappointing my Master. i yelped, but followed that up with a quick “One!”

By the time You reached ten, i could feel the heat radiating off my bottom, and i could imagine that it must be quite pink.

“What do you have to say for yourself, slavegirl?”

“Your slavegirl is very, very sorry, Sir. Please forgive me for my mistake?” i muttered meekly.

“I don’t think you’re nearly contrite enough yet,” You said. “Let’s see what I can do about that.”

And with that, You picked up a hard wooden paddle and began to spank me with it. i cried out in pain, and my body involuntarily tried to pull away, to escape the paddle on my behind.

“Stop squirming,” You commanded, and i did, steeling myself to stay in position, breathing deeply as You continued to spank my sore red bottom, alternating between the heavy thud of the paddle and the quick sting of your hand.

You hadn’t asked me to count, and i couldn’t have, i was so lost in the red hot pain, barely capable of breathing, but relying on those breaths to guide me through the pain. Eventually i began to shake, and then to cry, and then i was begging You between my sobs.

“Please, please, please, Sir, please forgive me. i promise i won’t do it again. i promise i’ll do anything You ask, be Your perfect slavegirl. i’m so sorry i disappointed You, please Sir, please forgive me.”

You never stopped spanking me as i sobbed out those words, but as my words evolved into simply moans, You stopped. And pulled me into Your arms. And kissed me deeply.

“Yes, my dearest slavegirl, i do forgive you.”


  1. Oh do i miss being spanked.

    Happy Thanksgiving!



  2. Yeah, me too. Soon, though!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  3. Beautiful story.. it took me right back to August and my spanking sessions (nice memories) *sniff* xx

  4. lovely! thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

  5. now, for me, this story was very erotic right up until the point where he started spanking really hard and you started crying. not that i stopped liking it at that point… but it suddenly became very emotional for me, and full of the conflicting feelings that i tend to get when i am being punished.

    those dominants who give punishments that are “theoretically awful” with an element of eroticism do it for good reasons too. it can create a profound emotional journey to have your body saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the same time, and your mind saying ‘why did i think i wanted this?’ while you’re coping with the fact that you’ve disappointed, and you’re feeling humiliated and small. you still wish you hadn’t gotten in trouble… you still wish for it to end as soon as possible.

    i respect the purist view of punishment, the one that says that there should be nothing that can be eroticized about a punishment if it is meant to be effective. but it’s not the best thing or the most effective way of punishment for everyone.

    for you, perhaps a spanking like this would be fun. for me, it would feel like punishment and it would not be fun.

  6. Thanks for the very thoughtful comment, meg!

    In thinking about it more, i don’t think i would find the scenario i described fun in actuality. i had my first taste of caning this weekend, and that made me realize that no matter how much of a pain slut i might be, getting some number of cane strokes without any warm up or preparation (a typical punishment for some) would be nothing but painful and punishment for me too. So that kind of changed my perspective on physical punishment a little.

    The conflict around punishment for me has always been that i am something of a pain slut. In my relationship with my Master so far, the giving and receiving of pain is a gift we give one another, not something that is imposed. So i feel really conflicted about having that be the case sometimes, and not others. Does that make any sense?

    Of course, having spent my ten seconds under the cold shower this morning, right now i’m thinking that i’d prefer the spanking!

  7. identifying as a pain slut makes all the difference, i think. no matter how hard i try, i do not feel pleasure from pain… so a hard and painful spanking really is torturous. although it still arouses me to be treated with that much firmness, the pain of the spanking works well as negative reinforcement.

  8. Really nice story πŸ™‚ love to read this

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