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Room Service

October 27, 2009


My Master and i had a really great time at Kinky Kollege. We attended some interesting classes, had a couple of good scenes, met (and played a bit) with a sexy reader of my blog, and had some nicely concentrated time to focus on each other. i’m hoping to write up all the little bits of the weekend over the next few days, plus the fashion show post of my 9 different outfits with 9 different pairs of shoes!

But right now I want to write about Friday night. After a decent but not great scene in the dungeon, my Master dragged me up to the room. i had the post scene munchies, and as i was perusing the room service menu, my Master called me over to the bed.

“Keeping looking at that,” He said, “but get on top of me.” i straddled His face as instructed and was treated to a really delightful cuntlicking, with added nipple play, first rubbing and stroking, and eventually tugging and pinching. Both at once – swoon! i looked at the room service menu long enough to decide what i wanted, and then abandoned the menu to focus on the wonderful feelings in my cunt and my nipples.

As long-time readers of this blog will know, orgasm doesn’t come easily for me. So i can get self-conscious with oral sex (or any kind of sex, for that matter), because i “know” i’m not going to get off, and feel like i’m… i don’t know, inconveniencing (?) my partner. But this night i made a really conscious effort not to fall into those thought patterns. If my Master wanted to lick His slavegirl’s cunt, who was i to say that He should do otherwise? And i knew He’d lick me exactly as long as He wanted to and no longer, so i didn’t worry about the timing, i just enjoyed the sensations.

Before long, i started to feel little inklings of a possible orgasm. But as is usually the case for me, i’d peak a little, then back off again, just when it seemed i was about to get somewhere. But again, i made a conscious effort to think of this as a submissive act, and not to focus on some end goal for myself. i was enjoying something my Master wanted to do to me, and i committed to just enjoying what was happening and not to really “try” for any particular outcome.

After quite a while of this, my Master told me to undo His pants and take His cock into my mouth. Well, if i’d been enjoying myself before, this made it so much better. His cock was really hard and from my position above Him, i could slide it right into my throat, giving myself some little breath control thrills as His girth cut off my airway until i pulled myself up a bit to get a gasp of air.

As i was getting more and more aroused i found that i needed to change position, and i slid down so that i was lying right on my Master instead of on my hands and knees. This let my legs be closer together (which i realized later is something i usually need to orgasm), and also let me get a little more stimulation by humping my Master’s face a bit as He licked me and i sucked Him. Again, i felt a twinge of worry that He wouldn’t want me doing that, and again slammed it down, trusting that He’d take control of the situation if He wasn’t getting what He wanted out of it.

And then it happened. Something that hardly ever happens. Which is that i came to the feeling of my Master’s tongue on my clit. His cock was buried so deep in my throat that i didn’t actually manage to ask for permission first. (i got in a little bit of trouble for that the next day).

After i came, He dragged me to the edge of the bed, slid His cock in my cunt, and fucked me until it was His turn to come.

And then we ordered room service.