May 27, 2008


Saturday afternoon i was treated to an opportunity to submit to the Head Mistress of La Domaine, Mistress Collette. We had shared some meals and enjoyed some conversation by this point, so i felt like i had gotten to know her a little and felt very comfortable with her. She’d demonstrated a lot of sensitivity and intuition, and i knew i would be in good hands!

Mistress Collette started off the scene by applying the beautiful rope bondage featured in these pictures and in my sneak preview post. This was my first time experiencing shibari, and i was really excited about it as it had been one of my hopes for the weekend. i knew from reading and observing others that it takes a pretty long time to tie someone up like this, but we weren’t in a rush and it was all part of the dynamic. As each rope went on and the bonds got tighter and tighter, i felt myself feeling more and more submissive and more ready to serve the Mistress and my Master through her.

When i was all trussed up i was bound to some chains descending from the ceiling, and my legs spread wide with a spreader bar. (Another first, and one i definitely enjoyed.) The chains were right in front of a mirror, and while this really for the Mistress’ benefit (so she could see my face as she worked on my back) it was certainly powerful for me to look at as well, during those rare time where i actually opened my eyes.


i don’t remember all the details of what happened in any kind of order. i’m always so impressed by subs who can recount the exact sequence of their floggings. i know she used a variety of floggers on my back and ass and cunt and breasts. Some thuddy, but most in the stingy category (which worked for me since i had earlier expressed my love/hate relationship with sting). Things that really stand out for me are the florentine flogging – i’ve always loved the way that looks when i’ve seen it at parties and clubs, and the feeling of it certainly lived up to the appearance. Very continuous and intense. Also, the horsehair whip. Soft, but vicious, all at the same time and the sound, oh the sound! Swoosh, brush, ouch. Swoosh, brush, ouch. She and my Master traded off using the vampire glove on my tender nipples, and that was probably the most difficult part of the session for me, as pokey scratchy things are definiting on the “tolerate for my Master” list, not the “love for my own sake” list.

My arms were bound up above my head and eventually the fingers on one hand started to get a little tingly. So she took that part of the bondage off and redid things with my arms behind my back, which blocked my back and ass but just gave her an excuse to work on my breasts and cunt more. (Thank You, Mistress.) Then we moved over the sawhorse, more toys and more florentine flogging, and the lovely lovely cane. Finally, Mistress applied two heavy metal clips to my cunt lips. This was intense, and hard, in part because of irritation from when my pussy was waxed. But i endured, knowing my Master would take pleasure in my doing so, and when i finally begged to have them removed, i was rewarded with “good girl” and a healthy rush of endorphins too.


Throughout the session i was very aware that i was serving my Master in all of this. Even though He was not the one yielding the crop or the flogger, it was Him that i was ultimately submitting to. When things got intense i would look to Him for reassurance and connection, begging Him to please please please kiss me, i needed to feel Him so badly. And having kissed Him, then i would be ready to serve Him more.

After this physical portion of the session was over, Mistress Collette had me kneel and taught me the La Domaine Esemar slave posture. Legs spread wide and shoulders back, making my breasts and cunt available for use as a slave’s should be. Chin up, proud to be in service, but eyes lowered, humbled by the opportunity to serve and submit. Both my Master and i found this posture very powerful and meaningful, and it is now my standard kneeling posture for my Master.

My service to my Master and Mistress was not yet done. As Mistress Collette sat in a heavy arm chair, i knelt beside her and she made me beg to be able to worship her feet. Shoe worship has a large place in the shared fantasies of my Master and i, but the reality of it was perhaps the only part of the session that was not quite what i had hoped for it to be. i knew from the beginning that that i was in trouble, because i had a hard time really finding the desire and conveying it to the Mistress. But she called it out from me, and my desire to serve finally satisfied her, and i settled in to kiss every inch of her shoes and her feet. Looking back, i think i wanted more direction. i knew i was doing this for my Master, and i think if there had been more reminders of that, then i could have performed better. Also, i expect i was just tired and worn out after an intense day, and coming down the other side of the endorphin rush.

When Mistress deemed me finished, she left my Master and i there in the dungeon to reconnect with one another. i was privileged to serve my Master with my mouth and my pussy, and then we went up to our room to just curl together, enjoying the feeling of closeness and connection that we felt through and through. But our resting and relaxation opportunity was fairly short – the dinner hour was approaching, and our day was anything but done!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is a very powerful post! The pictures are beautiful, truly. You’re a very lucky girl!

  2. These are such marvellous photos – wonderful memories of your trip. And your descriptions make me feel like I was almost there myself!

    (You know, I have trouble remembering the order things happen in as well. So it’s not just you.)

    xx Dee

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