Collar Shopping

October 8, 2009

IMG_7337 IMG_7338

Back when my Master and i first got together, He found a small choker style collar at a kink store near him. It was a thin black leather band, with a tiny d-ring in the front. We liked it because it just looked a little “goth” and not explicitly D/s, so i could wear it out in all sorts of environments where my real collar wouldn’t do. And it was the collar i could keep with me and where when i was apart from my Master, whereas He keeps my real one with Him.

But it was made of very thin leather, and in the last few months, the leather around the snaps in the back started to tear, and a couple months ago it tore right through. So we went looking online for something that might be a good replacement.

Neither of the two above is subtle enough, to serve the same purpose, but we decided to keep them anyway, since they were cheap enough that they weren’t worth sending back. i’ve been wearing the one on the left to sleep in when my Master tells me to, and i definitely like it for that.  (The one with the lace is prettier, but the lace is a bit too scratchy for sleeping in.) And we’re still looking for something that’s street-friendly.


  1. I do like the left hand one, and I imagine depending on what else you were wearing, and the circumstances you could get away with it public sometimes.

    Do you specifically want a collar, or just something to fill the role in public? Mistress has me wear a moderately heavy chain necklace and a stainless steel slave bangle. Both of these remind me of my place etc, and are “normal” enough not to turn heads.

    • i think my Master is inclined towards a collar. Just like this one:


      • Fair enough. I’m assuming that’s the one you had that broke? I can see why the two of you liked it so much, it is definitely street-friendly (although you’d probably need to do you jacket up ;-)), whilst still being appropriate for the purpose, and sexy to boot :-).

  2. I have to say I like the lace one. Has a very sexy look to it. Kara 🙂

  3. Try http://www.huse.com. They have a nice variety of collars for both serious use and more discreet uses.

  4. Have you or your master considered having one custom – made? Maybe someone in your local kink community know of someone who does that sort of work.

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