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Kinky Kollege Fashion Show

October 28, 2009

When my Master sent me my packing list – complete with 10 different pairs of shoes – i did wonder for a moment if that might be excessive. But i managed to fit it all into one giant suitcase, so i was good to go.


IMG_7436 IMG_7457 IMG_7451

For traveling Friday, i wore skinny jeans, black lace bra and panties, a red striped button down shirt my Master is particularly fond of, and black knee-high stiletto boots (because wearing them is the easiest way to pack them!).[1]

After we’d checked in to the hotel and picked up our registration packages, we went back to our room to relax for while and get ready for the FetLife Meet and Greet event. This is when i realized that i’d forgotten my black garter belt set. No worries, because it turned out the pink set worked well with my red school girl skirt, white lace t-shirt, white stockings, and perfectly matchy fuchsia stiletto pumps. When we arrived at the Meet & Greet there was a scavenger hunt, and since i was the only person there wearing a garter belt for most of the event, i got to meet quite a few people!

After the Meet and Greet and Opening Ceremonies we headed back up to the room to change for Friday’s play party, with my open sided black stretchy dress and RSVP platform sandals.

Saturday Day

IMG_7463 IMG_7469 IMG_7488

Breakfast came bright and early, in Steve Madden platform sandals, dark jeans, a frilly white shirt and black leather jacket.

For our morning classes, a red corset top, girly cream skirt and mega-strappy red patent gladiator sandals[2] were just the ticket.

Lunch and afternoon wandering through the vendor area came in a new one-shoulder purple dress and NOT the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana metallic snakeskin pumps that are pictured. Sadly, they were just for play, not keeping (and they didn’t fit right anyway), so for actually wearing the dress out of the room i wore the same platform sandals from breakfast. But the silver shoes were better with the outfit for sure.

Saturday Night

IMG_7508 IMG_7523

Master and i left campus for dinner, and i rocked this sexy backless dress with patterned hose and classic black stilettos.

Then it was play time, in smoking hot Carlos Santana boots, fishnet stocks, zebra bra-panty-garter set, new black leather skirt from the vendor’s area, and a crisp white blouse.


IMG_7533 IMG_7541

Sunday was a little more conservative, but no less hot for my Master who really likes the sexy secretary look. For breakfast and classes, a patterned white shirt (with black zebra bra peeking out from underneath), high waisted black skirt with leopard lining, and burgundy stilettos.

Lunch and travel saw me in black dress slacks, a black and white patterned shirt, and red stilettos.

3 days, 10 outfits, 10 pairs of shoes! That’s our idea of a good weekend!

(And yes, for anyone who followed the links, i do have 4 pairs of the same brand of stilettos, just in different colors. In fact, i have a 5th pair at home that didn’t get to make the trip with its siblings. What can i say? My Master knows *exactly* what He likes!)

[1] Nine West brand, bought last year at DSW, so no linky-love for the shoes sluts
[2] Also Nine West, also a DSW find – and the salesguy at the store thought they were so hot on me wasn’t going to let me leave without taking them home.