Serious Shoes

October 11, 2009

Seriously hot, that is. (More pics from this shoot on Flickr.) Shoes from Zappos.




  1. I usually don’t wear heels since I’m already tall…but I WAAAAAAAAAAANT those shoes. *drools*

  2. These are one of the HOTTEST pairs of heels you’ve worn so far. Makes me just wish I could put your feet in my lap and stare at them for hours 🙂 Hope they’re keepers!!!! Kara 🙂

    • Nope, didn’t end up keeping them. (But here’s the link for you!) They’re a bit edgy for my lifestyle most of the time, and we thought these Madden platform sandals i already had fit the same niche in my wardrobe.


  3. Oh my gosh those are heels full of hotness! They’d look so great with a tiny black skirt.

    How ever do you find the time to shop for shoes?? i guess it would help if i actually had a shoe store within an hour of where i live.

    • Zappos, baby, it’s all about Zappos. Great selection, and free shipping, both ways. Sign up for their VIP list, and you’ll get free overnight shipping every time. (Almost) immediate gratification of all your shoe needs. And great customer service too.

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