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October 1, 2009


My Master takes me a to the hotel room of a friend who is visiting. He’s seated in one arm chair, and motions to my Master to take the the other. My Master tells me to present myself to his friend, to stand in front of him so he can look at me. He’s read my blog, and comments on how nice it is to have a chance to finally see my face, and tells my Master that he is very lucky to have such a pretty submissive.

My Master gives me a series of instructions – raise my skirt, turn around, pull down my panties, and i follow them to the letter. His friend comments appreciatively about my bottom – he’s admired it in pictures, he says, but it’s even better in real life. My Master asks if he’d like to spank it, and he readily agrees. i lie across his lap as he proceeds to give me a thorough spanking. He starts off pretty easy, and my Master points out to him the little moaning sighs i’m making, telling him that means i’m getting turned on from the rhythm of the spanking. That excites him, and he starts spanking me harder, eventually very hard. i try not to squirm too much, or cry out too much, but it’s difficult. Whenever it seems like i’m having particular trouble, my Master reaches out to stroke my hair and face and neck, and that helps me center, focus, and keep going.

Finally, the friend is done – his hand is as sore as my bottom. As i stand up, he wonders aloud if i get as wet from a spanking as his submissive does, and my Master invites him to check. i spread my legs obediently as he slips two fingers under the cloth of my skimpy panties and into my cunt. He pulls out his fingers, which glisten with my juices, and gives them a sniff and then sucks my fluids from them.

“Oh yes, very wet indeed,” he says.