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Awaiting His Arrival

October 18, 2009


Some of my best visits with my Master happen when we are meeting in a different city and one of us arrives at our hotel before the other. Last week that was me. As before, i was under instructions to have everything put away in the room, so that when my Master walked in it was like walking into His own brand new hotel room, one that just happened to have a wet and eager-to-please submissive waiting in it. Now wouldn’t that be a nice frequent traveler perk?

So there i was, kneeling by the door, wearing my zebra print bra-panty-garter set, nude stockings, a white button down shirt, my red schoolgirl skirt, and red stiletto pumps. i was tipsy – both from the glass of wine at my post-meeting reception and with arousal from my day long anticipation of my Master’s arrival. As i knelt, my arousal intensified even more, especially when the door clicked and my Master walked in.

He walked right past me, putting His things in the room, getting my collar and leash out and bringing them over to put on me. i’d been in my La Domaine posture – legs spread, palms up on my thighs, chin held high to show my pride at being His submissive, but eyes on the ground to signify my humility – and when He told me to look at Him i couldn’t help but break into a huge smile. Which seemed utterly inappropriate to the seriousness of the moment, but inescapable all the same, i was just so overjoyed to see His face and be in His presence.

When i was collared as He desired, He stood behind me, running His hands up and down my body as i knelt, reaching in to my shirt and playing with my nipples (both at once, guaranteed to make me oh-so-hot), and otherwise teasing me. If i moved my hands from my sides He’d order them back again, which was torture when i so needed to touch Him. Instead, He only touched me, and soon i could feel His growing erection pressing against the back of my head.

i was so aroused at this point that i couldn’t help but rub myself against it, feeling utterly submissive as i held my arms at my sides and sought all the contact that He would allow me with His cock.

It was such a relief when He pulled me up and pushed me on to the bed.

(to be continued…)