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Ready for anything

October 22, 2009


It’s our long awaited weekend. Master and i are off to Chicago for a weekend of debauchery at Kinky Kollege. i’m very excited.

We both found our previous BDSM weekend event experience to be something that allowed us to deepen our relationship and come out feeling very renewed. i hope this weekend goes just as well.

Even better, actually, because i’m really hoping that i don’t get sick like i did last time. We had lots of plans that got dashed because i wasn’t feeling well. And i suspect my Master has some plans for me this weekend as well, and hope that He gets a chance to put them into motion. i’m a little scared about what they might be (there’s been lots of talk of exposure and objectification in my world lately), and of not performing up to His expectations. But mostly i’m excited about having this opportunity to serve Him, and maybe living out some fantasies in the process!