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After His Arrival

October 19, 2009


(Read part one)

After that, things get a little hazy.

He lay me down on the bed and proceeded to play with me in various ways. Spanking my cunt (oh, how He loves to spank my cunt). Continuing to play with my nipples throughout everything, keep me aroused and hungry for Him. One thing that i found utterly agonizing was that He wouldn’t kiss me. He would lean into my face and touch my lips with His tongue, or brush His lips against me ever so briefly, but if i tried to engage Him in a kiss He’d pull right away. i quickly learned not to try, and to just savor the little tastes that He was giving me.

Soon i was begging to suck His cock. As before, he kept brushing that hardness up against me, and it was making me so hungry to have Him in my mouth. Cock was all i could think about. i was so desperate i was lying on the bed tilting my head back, trying to touch His cock with my tongue even through His jeans. He laughed at me, calling me His hungry little cock slut, and made me beg some more. Then He made me show Him how i would service Him by demonstrating on my sex shoe (one of the black patent stilettos we reserve for fucking and sucking). i licked it all over and took it in my mouth, as deep as i could and then deeper when He pushed it in so far that i began to gag.

i guess i did a good enough job demonstrating, because soon my head was tipped backwards over the edge of the bed as He fucked my face, hands still reaching down to play with and torment my nipples. Eventually we moved to a more usual position, one where i can use my hands on His shaft and balls in just the way He prefers, and my cock-hungry mouth became very happy. i love the way He tastes, and the way He feels in my mouth. i love the salty pre-cum at the tip as He gets close, and the way He just fits so perfectly.

i’d have been happy to take His cum in my mouth, but i was even happier when He chose instead to pull me to the side of bed, fucking me in one of my favorite postions, with Him standing at the side of the bed and my legs pulled up high over His shoulders, where all i can see is His face and whatever sexy pair of shoes i happen to be wearing. i love that first fuck of a visit, when He’s so hard that He completely impales me and it’s like my whole body has become nothing but cunt.

When He came, i shuddered with Him, with the electricity of His semen hitting my cervix. As He collapsed on to me we curled in on each other, bodies becoming as close to one as we could manage. i was almost entirely satisfied. Almost entirely happy. There was just one little thing.

“Please, Sir,” i begged. “PLEASE can i kiss You now?”

And as His mouth joined mine, all the “almosts” went away.