22 hours

June 13, 2009

4:30p-6p: i arrived at the hotel before my Master, with specific instructions about how i was to unpack and be prepared to greet him. i was to unpack all my clothes, put the toys in an accessible but hidden space, and be standing waiting for Him in the corner. All evidence of me other than myself was to be hidden – i was to just be a perk that came with the room.

6p-7:30p: My Master arrived, and spent a long while playing with his fucktoy. Throwing my collar onto the floor and sending me to fetch it over and over again. Finally putting it on me, along with my leash, and then playing a very amusing (to Him) game of trying to land the metal ring on the end around my nipple. Then He came up with an even more amusing (to Him) game called “Beg for the Clothespins.” That was followed up by begging to worship Master’s cock, being granted that wish, and having Him come in me twice, once in my cunt and then again in mouth. That was a busy 90 minutes!

7:30p-9p: Ate dinner, snuggling up next to each other on a corner banquette at the hotel’s restaurant.

9p-10p: Back up the to room, with several stops along the way in the hall so that Master could pull down the shoulder of my dress to expose my tit, or push me up against the wall, or bite me, or just kiss me passionately. Me terrified the whole time that someone was going to open a door. Then, although we tried valiantly, the dining room table in the suite proved not quite the right height for fucking, so we moved on to the bed so He could fuck me in my dinner dress.

10p-11p: Spent in the bar, ultra conscious of people looking at me in my very short skirt and sheer black buttondown shirt over lacy black bra, and distracted by the buzzing of the remote controlled vibrator in my panties.

11p-12p: Pleased with my good performance, Master rewarded me with an orgasm, with my big purple dildo in my cunt and the Hitachi Magic Wand on my clit as i sucked His cock. i begged Him for permission from around His cock, and then came with Him deep down in my throat, mouth too full for my moans of pleasure to even be heard. i’d just finished coming when He filled my cunt with His cock. i was utterly exhausted and my cunt was sore from all the use earlier, so i felt very used as He fucked me for a long time before deciding that a 4th orgasm in 6 hours was just slightly too elusive to achieve.

12p-8a: Sleeping next to each other, mostly separate, occasionally intertwined, but always knowing that the other was there, and that we would wake up next to each other in the morning.

8a-9:30a: Cuddles and morning blow job, followed by more sex. Neither Master nor i can remember that round in particular, but we know He had two orgasms before breakfast…

9:30a-10a: Room service breakfast, part spent sitting on top of the table to provide my Master with a better view, and part spent kneeling next to Him.

10a-11:30a: Photo shoot in the morning light – lots of fun poses. And some not-so-fun ones, at least as far as i was concerned – there were lots of great flat surfaces in the hotel room for Him to pose me on, but they were all topped with glass, and WOW were they cold. So i guess those ones were still fun – for Him.

11:30a-12:30p: Master told me to take my panties off, then he lay down on the couch and told me to straddle His face and move wherever i wanted to be licked. i felt kind of self conscious about this to begin with, but what Master wants, Master gets, and if He wants to lick His slavegirl’s cunt, who am i to complain? Master clearly liked it too, and when He was done giving me a very thorough cunt licking i got to return the favor, with Master filling my mouth once more with His come.

12:30p-1p: We hear marching band music through our hotel window, and Master says “That must be that parade the hotel warned me about.” We peer out the window, trying to figure out what the parade could possibly be. When the next group to pass by were some rather butch women on motorcycles, followed by some people with rainbow flags, we quickly determined that this must be a Pride parade. We decide to get dressed and go out to watch for a bit. Master insisted that i wear my collar to do so. i protested, but He insisted, although He did turn it around so the buckle was in the back (partly hidden by my hair) and it just looked (i hope) like a thick leather choker. We watched the parade for a little while, but couldn’t stay long.

1p-2p: A quick shower, and then i put makeup on so i would look perfect for a last few pictures – close ups of me kissing and sucking my black stiletto pump. Pity we can’t post those ones to the blog, so you’ll just have to imagine them. Then packing to go.

2p-2:30p: Taxi ride to the airport, passionate kisses at the curb, then i was off to my terminal and He was off to His.

22 sweet hours of submission to the man i love. Thank You, Sir.


  1. that sounded the like a slice of heaven

    but my question is when you protested, how much protesting was done? and what did he do that resulted in him getting his way?

    • i gasped in shock and pleaded with him. i tried bargaining, offering to wear just my little collar. i invoked “we must protect the children.”

      He gave me that look. Then turned my collar around to put the buckle in the back. i knew that was the best i could hope for, so i stopped protesting and we went.

  2. […] in a different city and one of us arrives at our hotel before the other. Last week that was me. As before, i was under instructions to have everything put away in the room, so that when my Master walked in […]

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