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A Welcome Back

August 7, 2009


Back when my Master and i started down this path, we read a lot of BDSM blogs, trying to figure out the possibilities. What would work for us? What inspired us?

We found a lot of great bloggers, but two in particular really stood out for us, with great stories, thought provoking questions, and top-notch writing.  We learned from them, and were inspired by them.  And then they taught us the  lesson that the lifetime of a BDSM blogger is often short and unpredictable, when both of their blogs suddenly went offline.

So imagine what a thrill it’s been to have both of them back on my blogroll, titillating and entertaining as before! And impacting my life and my submission, in ways that they don’t even realize.

My first shout out goes to the Discerning Dom, previously known as the the English Gentleman. There aren’t very many Doms in the world of BDSM blogs, and Roper is the best. He’s a think-y sort of writer, and his posts are just as thought-provoking for the reader. And usually pretty darn hot too. My Master in particular gets inspired by Roper’s writing, and i can feel his return in my Master’s renewed expectations regarding my protocol and behavior.

And then there’s Puppy Tales.  I’m not really exaggerating when I say that the BDSM blog community was totally shaken when the old Puppy Tales blog was deleted. Brooke’s tales push boundaries and taboos unflinchingly. She doesn’t just tolerate humiliation, she embraces it, relishes in it. i can’t imagine doing half of the things that she writes about, but seeing the far reaches of her boundaries make it easier to push on mine. Her return is also having an impact on my life. Recently she wrote a tale about being the motivation for her Master to reach his biking goals. This was so inspiring for my Master that now most days i find myself wearing my buttplug for the duration of my Master’s own bike ride – He finds that picturing me waiting with a plugged ass gives Him the incentive to do just a few more miles… (i’m not sure whether to curse you or thank you, Brooke!)

So welcome back. i’ve learned my lesson about the lifespan of bloggers, but i’m sure going to enjoy having you two back for however long it lasts.