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August 4, 2009


i got the punishment i was craving.

We’d just gotten to our hotel room. Usually my Master has me unpack first, but this time He was on me right away. He pulled me down onto the bed, across His lap, and started spanking me. In between spanks, He’d order me to apologize for my mistake, for my inattention, and i’d try my best to do that. But this was a very hard spanking, with no warning, no build up, and it hurt.

It hurt a lot. It hurt so much that even though i needed that punishment so very much, i couldn’t help but fight back a little, squirming away even as i tried to hold myself in place, my Master hauling me back whenever i got out of the position He wanted me in.

After my ass was thoroughly beaten, He flipped me over onto my front and started spanking my cunt. And i tried, i really did, to keep my legs spread, as He ordered me to do. But i couldn’t. He pushed my legs apart and gave me a few hard smacks, and then flipped me back over and began on my ass again.

That’s when i started crying. He’s never spanked me until i’ve cried before. i cried from the pain, but also from my shame and sorrow at disappointing Him. From my fear of the moment and not knowing what was going to happen. i cried out, and i cried, and – in the midst of it all – somehow also managed to worry that my makeup was going to get all over the clean white comforter on the bed.

When He was done, He held me close, kissed me, and told me i was forgiven.

Then He pulled my head to the edge of the bed, took His cock out, and fucked my face until He came deep into my throat.

We both felt better after that, although i remained off-kilter for a while. i think i wanted/expected more of a lecture, more structure, more time to get myself mentally prepared. And instead i got the physical and emotional weight of His need. And when He was satisfied, i was still unsteady and unsure. But that got better in our time together, and eventually i was able to let go of lingering concerns and ego.

Thank You, Sir.

And yes, my makeup did smear all over that pretty white comforter, and stayed there for the remainder of our visit, as a constant reminder of who i am and who i belong to.