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On Location

August 9, 2009


Our hotel room on our most recent trip was not very photogenic. The lighting was odd, furniture not well placed, weird wallpaper and carpeting. My Master was feeling utterly uninspired to take pictures of me.

So we went on location. We were in Vegas, which is a town filled with people taking pictures of other people. And if my dress was a little unusual for a weekday morning, well, it’s Sin City – it couldn’t possibly be the first time. We brought a bag filled with shoes and clothes and staked out locations near to the bathroom for quick outfit changes.

On this trip, we only had time to hit our casino and the one across the street, but if we get back to Vegas, i expect that we’ll seek out some even more interesting backdrops, because this was a ton of fun.

There’s a couple more pictures below, but visit my Flickr page for the full set.