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August 17, 2009


We pick up a girl in the bar. She’s cute and sexy. Long dark hair, short sequined dress, amazing platform sandals. We’re making out in the taxi all the way back to the hotel, and the taxi driver keeps looking in the rear view mirror, checking us out, checking You out, probably wondering how You got so lucky.

Back in the room we head straight to the bed, and she and i keep making out, hands slipping up under tops and skirts now that the tiny bit of modesty we were preserving in the taxi is no longer necessary. You sit back and watch us as bit by bit our clothes come off. Her dress is first, when i get frustrated that i can’t get to her nipples because of the cut of the dress. So off it goes, revealing a sexy matching bra and panty set. i pull the cups of her bra down and start sucking her ample breasts, alternating nipples and keeping the other nipple occupied with my fingers pulling and tugging and stroking.

After a while, she pulls away and slides down between my legs tugging off my short skirt and g-string panties to reveal my smooth and wet pussy. She slides two fingers into my cunt and moves them against my g-spot as she licks and sucks my clit, and i’m in heaven. Only made better when You decide to join the fun and start passionately kissing me and playing with my nipples.

i’m shuddering and nearly out of control when she slides up my body and plants her cunt on my face. You take her place at the end of the bed, but instead of sucking me, You slide Your cock into me and fuck me as she rides my face, pressing herself against me and covering my face with her juices. When she comes the sight and sound of her orgasm makes You come too, and we all collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap.