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Assuming the Position

August 5, 2009


When we are together, my cunt belongs to my Master. Well, scratch that – my cunt belongs to my Master all the time.  But i’m most aware of it when we are together.

We’ll be kissing, or i’ll be sucking His cock, or He’ll be taking pictures of me, and He’ll tell me to get over to the side of the bed and spread my legs, He needs to fuck me now.  Sometimes i’ll have had a little warm up, like He’ll have been rubbing my clit or something, but most of the time, i’ve been the one pleasuring Him, and i’m just expected to be ready for Him. To assume the position.

i find this really objectifying, and really hot. Not so hot that i can say “and by the time i spread my legs my cunt was dripping wet,” though. My body just doesn’t work like that. If the goal was my pleasure, then some foreplay would definitely be in order. But that’s not the goal.

If i’m lucky, i’ll have the opportunity to use my hand to spread some saliva on my opening and His cock. But that first entry often hurts at least a little bit, and my Master likes knowing that i’m taking that for Him. My little grimaces make Him harder and hotter. By the time a few strokes have passed, i’ve caught up, His pre-cum and my lubrication making things slipperier and faster, and my grimaces turn to moans of pleasure. Fortunately, my Master likes those too.

Being used in this way really reinforces my feelings of submission and my understanding of my role.  And in what’s got to be an excellent case study of rationalization, i’m managing to extend that thinking to my difficulty orgasming too. While it would be nice to orgasm at the drop of the hat, the fact that i do not come from regular sex means that it’s not about my release. My pleasure, certainly – don’t get me wrong, fucking my Master gets me hot as hell and i adore it. But fucking is not a means to the end for me, so sex is really at His whim and for His purposes, not my own.