Exchange Rate

January 10, 2011

My Master and i spent a lovely weekend together, with no plans, no schedules, and no commitments to anyone but each other. Saturday afternoon He spent photographing me, then playing with my body, splaying me out over his lap as He clipped clothespins on my breasts. The first few were lovely – a ring around one breast that left the nipple bare. The second ring, around my other breast, was lovely too. As my Master played with one nipple i couldn’t help but bring my own hand up to play with the other – almost nothing turns me on more than both my nipples being stroked and teased, and when He made me tell Him what a slut i was for doing it, that only turned me on more. But soon fingers were replaced with clothespins on those same nipples, and pleasure turned to pain, especially as my Master started playing with the clothespins, batting at them, pushing around with his hands, making the blood being to flow back to deprived tissue, then cutting it off again. One clothespin slipped, tightening on just my skin, rather than the tissue beneath it, and oh, that hurt. That’s when i started to swear, thrash around, even hit my Master a little bit, as He enjoyed the renewed pain that came when He pulled all those clothespins off. You’d have thought i would’ve had enough of clothespins after that, but you’d be wrong… when His playing with other portions of my anatomy had me begging for the chance to use my vibrator shortly thereafter, i quickly agreed to His price – the clothespins again, in exchange for my chance at an orgasm. i can still see some marks from that round today… but i’d pay that exchange rate again.

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