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Kinky Kollege Shoe Slut Fun

October 31, 2010


In the weeks leading up to Kinky Kollege, my Master and i talked about using this as an opportunity to explore our shoe slut gang bang idea. We got even more excited about the possibility when Rita Seagrave invited us to be the class example in her “How to Have a Gang Bang” class. Then we looked at the calender, and realized that i’d almost certainly be in the middle of my period that weekend, so that put an end to the idea of actually holding the gang bang, as opposed to just talking about it in class.


But we had rented a suite for the weekend and were looking forward to taking pictures, so then we thought, well, if we can’t do the gang bang, we can at least have a photo shoot. i posted to the Kinky Kollege message board on Fetlife and a bunch of women volunteered. In the end we had 5 different (and awesome) women come out to take pics with us! Some of my favorites are scattered throughout this post, but all of the pics were amazing, and you can see them at this Flickr set.


Friday night was Domina Amy and Rita Seagrave. We’d already planned a photo session with Rita on Friday, and she’s friends with Domina Amy and suggested we invite her along. This was great as it gave us a chance to try out poses and ideas before the bigger photo shoot on Saturday. And being on a leash at Rita’s feet is certainly not a bad thing all on its own!  And things got pretty funny when the best way to get a certain pose was for me to stick my nose in Domina Amy’s butt.


Saturday morning we got up bright and early for the How to Have a Gang Bang class. The idea was that Rita would present some background and material, then we would “workshop” my gang bang fantasy as a way to bring up all the different things you need to consider when having a gang bang, like how to recruit people, and what kind of environment you want, and safe sex, etc. Obviously my fantasy was quite different than a typical gang bang, but that made it really interesting for people. i was a little nervous when i got up to the front of the room to describe it. i was worried that this kink would be just too crazy and people would think it was totally weird. But in fact, they were all really supportive and engaged in the idea, and generated a ton of new ideas about how we could actually pull it off. And the delightful FloggingMolly served as a our model so I could demonstrate different ideas. Working through Rita’s list of questions with my Master in advance, and then having to explain my/our ideas to an audience, really helped us both to crystallize what we want to get out of a scene like this.


Late Saturday afternoon Jade came up to our room for more photo shoot fun. Jade and i had totally missed each other at last year’s KK, so we made sure to connect this time around, and meeting and hanging out with her and Ad and W was a highlight of our weekend. We spent an hour taking a variety of pics and getting to know each other more, and then two more women showed up (out of the 3 we were expecting, not bad). KitKatt and MissJSwitch had volunteered through my FetLife post, and they were totally awesome and up for anything. With three women and me, we were able to try out some of the ideas for positions that we’d brainstormed in the gang bang class earlier that day. Just poses for pictures, but we could start to get a feel for how it would actually work.


Then it was time to wrap things up and get ready for the evening…