Airport Getaway, Part 4

October 17, 2010


Part 1, 2 and 3

Of course He couldn’t deny a request like that. It was hard to piss with the butt plug still in, but eventually i managed it, and soaked my panties. Normally for panty stuffing i’d wear a little g-string, but this time i’d worn a more substantial mesh bikini panty to hold in the little dildo. Which proved to be a bit of a challenge once the time for panty stuffing began, especially with the plug still in my ass.

i got on the bed and my Master said “Show me.” i started stuffing the panties in, but it was hard, because there was so much of them. i pulled out my vibrator to help things along, and my Master thought that was so hot he had to pull out his camera and document the last bits going in.

As i was pushing it in i started getting hot again. Normally i’m a come once and be done with it girl – long refractory period. But i’d been so worked up coming into the visit that the first orgasm hadn’t really touched my arousal, and i found myself asking my Master if if should come. He said not yet, so i flicked the vibe on and off keeping myself on the edge, until i had my whole panties stuffed into my cunt thanks to my Master’s helping hands. Then he finally let me come again, and i came hard, my cunt squeezing around my panties as i cried out.

To be continued…

One comment

  1. I love your writing, you seem to have good imagery, but it’s nice and succinct

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