Airport Getaway, Part 3

October 15, 2010


Part 1 and Part 2.

When He manhandled my pussy to the edge of the bed this time, He didn’t even bother to take the little dildo out, and just shoved His cock in my pussy along with it. i didn’t think that anything could make me feel any more slutty than i already did, but that sure did, imagining it was two real cocks inside my cunt. i couldn’t believe He was doing it, but He was, and it felt fantastic, to be so filled up, all my holes stuffed. He fucked me like that for a while. i was so hot and so desperate to come, but i really need my clit touched to come, and my hands were still chained behind my back. He pulled His cock out and grabbed the clothespins, putting 5 or 6 on one breast and nipple in quick succession, then fucking my face some more before pulling them off roughly.

He went back to fucking me, taking the dildo out this time, and as He fucked me He covered the other breast and nipple in clothespins. He drove into me and fucked me until He came, then ripped of the clothespins as i screamed. And then, although He had threatened to make me wait all day until i came, He rolled me over on my stomach, stuck my vibrator between my legs and watched me come.  After that, well, neither of us can really remember what happened! But i know my Master had another orgasm, because i was lying on top of Him afterward when i realized that i had to pee.

And even though i’d been writing Him about my fantasies for weeks, it took an act of willpower for me to blurt out – all in one long breath but quietly – “could i please piss through my panties and stuff them into my cunt, Sir?”

To be continued…

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