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Airport Getaway, Part 2

October 14, 2010


Part 1.

He didn’t immediately stick His cock into my mouth, but He did shove me down onto the bed, pull my legs apart, and check to make sure the plug and the dildo were in place. He manhandled me around the bed, putting me into whatever position He wanted to. He slapped my face, hard, then posed me in way that was pleasing to Him and left me there as He went to unpack my suitcase and the sex toys inside of it.

Then He came back, pushing my legs apart again, pushing the butt plug and dildo deeper into me. He chained my hands behind me back, pulled His hard cock from His pants, and fucked my face, grabbing my hair and using it to move my head up and down on His cock. He pulled out and started slapping my cunt, hard, with no warm up, yelling at me to open my legs every time they closed from the pain. i was trying to keep them open, but i didn’t feel like i had control over my own body. i was shouting out “fuck, fuck, fuck” until He grabbed my sex shoe and shoved it into my mouth to shut me up. He was ruthless, pushing it in so far that i started to gag, and slapping my cunt all the while.

He pulled me around on the bed again, until my pussy was at the edge. He told me to bite down on the shoe so that it would stay in place, then pulled the little dildo out of my cunt and shoved His cock in its place. He pumped into me as He grabbed and pinched my nipples, twisting and pulling them as i whimpered in pain from around the shoe in my mouth. Then He pulled out, shoved the dildo back into me to keep me plugged up, and went back to using my mouth.

To be continued…