His Countdown

September 7, 2010

Many times before a visit, my Master will have me countdown the days until i see Him again, sending Him something i’m thinking about our looking forward to every night before i go to bed.  We recently had two visits very close to each other. Before the first, He had me do a long 15-day countdown. i wasn’t sure what would happen for the next one, since they were only about 2 weeks apart. i was completely tickled and excited when, on 10 days before our visit, i got a countdown email from Him in my inbox!  And then one every night until our visit. It was a delightful treat, and He gave me permission to share them here.

It’s ten days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about fucking you for the first time: you on you back with your legs up, my cock surrounded by you, and your hands on me. And you face. And your gasps. And your body. And the look and feeling of it all.

It’s nine days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about how good you looked in that chain hogtie last visit. Your legs pulled up to your ass, your arms behind your back, the leather restraints and the silver chain.  I’m thinking about it with and without underwear, with and without stockings.  I’m thinking about it with black stilettos and maroon stilettos. I’m thinking about stroking your skin gently. I’m thinking about leaving your there and ignoring you.


It’s eight days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about photographing you.  I want to to take more pictures tied up, more pictures in the cuffs and chains, more penetration pictures.  I want to take pictures with white stockings and garters, pictures with crop pants.  I want to take pictures of you fucking yourself with different shoes, too.


It’s seven days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about you dressed as a secretary, lying below me and sucking me.  I always like the look of that — it’s one of my favorite fantasies.  I just wish I could somehow see your chest unblocked by your hands, yet have your hands on my cock stimulating me.  I hate having to choose.

It’s six days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about taking you out in a see-through shirt.  I’m thinking about glimpsing the lace of your bra under your shirt, and the lace of your stockings underneath your skirt. All black, all pretty, all exposed.  And those Versace pumps, of course.


It’s five days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about shoes.  I’m thinking about the Versace pumps, and the RSVP pumps in all the colors. I’m thinking of the Madden platform sandals, and a bunch of other sandals that we had and returned. And those red Valentino pumps — and the silver pumps we had once. I’m thinking about those black shoes with all the straps in your Zappos box right now.  I’m thinking of your black sex shoes, and how I want to watch you fuck yourself with them. I know how deep you can put them in now. I’m thinking about watching, and photographing it.


It’s four days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about clothespins. I think about it more than I do it, but I think about it pretty regularly. I like pinning your breasts, and your thighs and pussy. I like hearing your gasps and moans. I like looking at you pinned. I like fucking you pinned. I like photographing you pinned. I like holding you in my arms and pinning you, hurting you and comforting you at the same time. Sometimes I gag you, too.

It’s three days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about holding you. I’m thinking about going to sleep with you, and I’m thinking about waking up with you.  I’m thinking about napping with you — bonus sleep.  And I’m thinking about being so relaxed with you that I can sleep and nap.  And I’m thinking again about waking up with you, and how nice that is.


It’s two days until I see you again, and I’m thinking about what I want you to pack. The box of shoes. And the Versace pumps. And the maroon pumps. The lingerie. And the cuffs and chains. And the rope. Stockings. The short black skirt and the short leopard print skirt. A few tops to go with them: tanks and maybe a couple of button downs. Something cute for dinner. And something for Saturday. I like dressing you, and I really am looking forward to photographing you.  I’m thinking about that, too.


It’s one day until I see you again, and I’m thinking that it’s less than twelve hours until I see you again.



  1. I love a good countdown! It’s like the calendars leading up to Christmas with the little doors that you open. Only every one of your doors leads to a wicked, dirty mini scene…

  2. I’ll say it again – I just love your taste in shoes! I mean, if you only posted pictures of your shoes I’d still be enchanted by your blog. Of course, the other stuff does keep me hot 😉

    • Let’s be clear, you love my Master’s taste in shoes. i am but his canvas. 🙂

  3. Ad a very beautiful canvas you are! Pass along my admiration of His taste.

  4. These are some of the more delicious photos that you’ve put up in a long time, and they keep getting better and better as the date approaches.

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