Best Mary Janes Ever

August 6, 2010


  1. Hot hot hot!

  2. are those from Zappos?

  3. Are those Miu Miu?

  4. Those are very HOT!!!! Keepers?? Kara XOXO

  5. Yes, they are Miu Miu. Yes, they are very HOT! No, they didn’t come from Zappos – Nordstrom, i think.

    And sadly, no, not keepers. They were somewhat intended to be, and they fit like a dream, and i love them deeply. But i wore a somewhat similar style of platform pumps out to lunch that weekend, and when we got back to the hotel we discovered that i’d totally ripped up the platform on the cobblestones. This was sad on a pair of clearance by $10 RSVP shoes from 6pm.com, but would have been devastating on a pair of $650 Miu Mius. Plus the bow on one of them wasn’t tied well and the off side kept flipping out. So we decided not to keep them. But i’m still sad about it.

  6. Very nice ankle bracelet too. Any meaning behind it?

    • It’s a gift from my Master, something i wear all the time. It’s one of the marks of his ownership, i guess you could say.

  7. OMG those shoes just gave me a tiny orgasm. Soooo sexy!

  8. GORGEOUS shoes..Im am almost sure I saw them before, and looked to see if I had commented…curious…

    • You probably did see them before – i included just a single shot in the “shoe slut” post i made a while back.

  9. Meh. Not a fan of peep toe. You know who makes hot MJ’s?

    -Madden Girl

    For starters.

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