Image hosting?

July 11, 2010

Flickr is imposing some unwritten definitions of what is and is not obscene on my photos, and i need to find a different photo hosting site. Does anyone have a recommendation for a site that is reliable and doesn’t restrict adult images? It doesn’t have to be free, i’m happy to pay a moderate amount for hosting.


EDITED TO ADD: Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. i did some scouting around and ended up at http://images.gonzb.com/main.php – they’re one of the few sites that allows for larger than thumbnail image links.  i’m planning to keep my flickr account as well (so long as they don’t keep changing the bar on what’s too dirty for them), and just post the “obscene” ones on the new site.  i’m in the process of fixing links, so if some pics go missing for a while, that’s why.


  1. I don’t think http://www.mobypicture.com has any real restrictions.

  2. Deviant Art maybe? They certainly ought not be upset by any of your images.

    • Their TOS bans “obscene, offensive, blasphemous, pornographic” – Flickr is using “obscene” to ask me to take down shoe and wine bottle insertion and urination pics, so I don’t think Deviant Art will work. Thanks, though!

  3. Did you try a private folder on Fotki…people will just have to email you for a password.

    • i need to be able to hotlink so i can post pics on the blog for you all to see. i’m sure my pics aren’t against the Flickr TOS in a million different ways!

      i think i’ve found a site to try. i’ll give it a test run on the controversial pics before deciding whether to move over there entirely, or just maintain two accounts.

  4. I use http://imagevenue.com/ for naughty thumbnails, but I think you have to pay to link to full pics.

  5. Your best bet is start your own website ans host yourself. I am told the extention .xxx is finally being enacted after much debate. Then you can do what ever you like without the hassel

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