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ILLP #35

June 28, 2010



Shoe Slut

June 28, 2010


Recently Jade from Pieces of Jade wrote a really amazing post on her evolution as a shoe slut. i immediately sent it to my Master because i knew He’d really enjoying reading it and seeing all her fantastic shoes. And in fact, He was inspired to ask me to write my thoughts about my own shoe-slut-ness.


Unlike Jade, whose Dom capitalized on her already existing shoe fascination, my shoe fetish is entirely a product of my Master’s creation. As we led up to our first visit at Master and submissive, He told me what kinds of shoes to buy (4 inch classic black patent stilettos), and had me practice walking in them every night. i was one of those people who would look at high heeled shoes and say “i could never walk in those.” But with a little practice, i found that i could do it pretty well, when sufficiently motivated.


And those nightly practice sessions were a huge turn-on too, as i started to understand what it would be like to be His, and what else would be expected of those shoes besides wearing them…


From the 3 pairs of high heels i started that weekend with, my collection has blossomed to probably around 70 pairs right now. Not counting the ones that we “borrow” for weekends to try out, and usually end up returning. Although i started wearing them for my Master, i found that i really like them as well. They look good on me, do fabulous things for my legs, and have helped me develop a distinctive sense of style. i feel sexier and more confident when i’m wearing them, and they remind me of my submission all the time. And now that i’m the target of those “wow, i could never wear i shoes like that” comments, i feel proud for representing my Master so well.


i still stand in awe of Jade’s post, though. i can’t imagine sleeping in pumps as she has been known to do. And – to my Master’s chagrin – i am not so good as she is at not complaining about my footwear. Still, these are things to work on as His submissive and shoe slut.