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June 11, 2010


i’m back from a really wonderful visit with my Master. In some ways it was not really what we expected it to be, but it was a lovely weekend of closeness and company and togetherness. Now that i’m back, i find myself just overflowing with love for Him. It helped that, through a series of strange occurrences, it ended up being a very long weekend – i saw him for at least a portion of 6 days in a row, and we spent 4 nights together. That almost never happens! i think what makes me feel most close to Him right now is knowing that i was able to provide him with emotional support when He needed it, and feeling so trusted and beloved because He was able and willing to ask me for it. i’d say more, but it’s too complicated and detailed for this forum. But it made me appreciate all the ways that He shares His life with me, and that i share mine with Him, and has me loving Him more than ever.