Dom’s perspective

June 1, 2010


Discerning Dom posted a great post about what he’s thinking and feeling when he’s being cruel to a submissive girl. As always, his writing is interesting and evocative, so i forwarded a link on to my Master, along with a comment that i’d love to hear His take on the subject. Well, He was kind enough to indulge my curiosity, and even to give me permission to post what He wrote here! So now, a few words from londistancedom…

It’s different for me.  I don’t need to administer pain for its own sake.  I sympathize when you hurt.  I feel it with you.  I don’t not care.

For me, it’s the connection.  It’s the connection between you and I, giver and receiver, action and reaction.  If you lie there asleep as I spank you, that’s completely uninteresting to me.  I need to feel your reaction: your voice, your breath, your movement.  I need to know you’re doing what you’re doing for me, whether it’s taking smacks on your cunt, pleasuring me, masturbating for me on instruction, peeing on yourself, or responding to my e-mails.  It’s the merging of both of us that makes me hot.  You and I as one sensual, sexual being: me steering and both of us feeling.  The most arousing thing I ever did with you was forcibly give you a piss fetish.  Some of my most powerful moments involve you lying in my arms, and me both hurting and comforting you.  Others involve you so deep into submission that you do anything I want, almost in a trance.  Still others involve you and I at a play party, when the room and the other people and the music just disappear; and its just the two of us.  You and me, us, as one, you submitting to me.  That’s what it’s about.

That is what it’s about. Exactly. And i’m so happy that i’m His.


  1. This is a brilliant post, and explains it very clearly 🙂

  2. What a fabulous post–I thought the other Dom’s comments were interesting, but I found them hard to identify with. Your Master’s thoughts were really interesting, and I passed them on to mine!

    It really is all about the connection and the intimacy that comes from doing the things we do with someone we trust.

  3. I’m not sure there is such a gap between your Master and me. What I was trying to describe is a state of mind where I am cool and detached in my manner. I think that’s what is required when you are causing pain. If you are going to back off the first time she whimpers, you aren’t going to make a very good dom. But I tried to make it clear that I am very excited at the same time, and that I have profound feelings for my submissive, underneath the unemotional demeanour. I’d be upset if anyone thought that I didn’t care.

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