Saying Hello

April 28, 2010


By the time my Master arrived last Friday, i was feeling pretty aroused and perhaps a wee bit desperate. He hadn’t let me orgasm in ages, and had made me masturbate without orgasm the previous two nights. So i was already wet by the time He pushed me down on the couch and started examining me – pushing up my skirt to check out my panties, unbuttoning my bra to make sure it matched.

We kissed, and He let me play with His nipples for a while. Finally He let me start to undo His pants, and it was all i could do not to lunge for His cock when i saw it straining against His underwear, i wanted to touch and taste it that badly. But i managed to control myself until He gave me permission to suck it. And then i did the best job i could as He rubbed my clit a bit, commenting on what a slutty little girl i was to be so wet already.

He asked me what i wanted, and i was so slutty that i told Him i wanted His cock in my cunt. After i begged Him some more, He took it out of my mouth and slid it straight into my cunt, hilt deep, in one push, commenting more on how wet and ready for Him i was. One, two, three, four strokes, and then He pulled Himself out and shoved His cock back into my mouth, ordering me to lick Him clean and taste my slutty self all over His cock. He repeated this cycle once or twice more before ordering me to spread my legs for Him, and this time when He stuck his cock in me He kept it there until He came deep and hard in my cunt, then collapsed on top of me.

That’s the kind of hello i can just never get enough of.

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