Not your usual stripper shoe

April 25, 2010




Fendi Cinderella Runway Platform Sandals (and no, we’re not keeping them)


  1. I will bet my Sir Roland will love these when he sees them I know do! looks great

  2. They look nice, but I’m not liking them as much as some of the other heels you wear. They are VERY high though. Was it hard to walk in them? Kara XOXOXO

    • We didn’t really like them either, to be honest, but knew they’d make for interesting pictures. The platform made them okay to walk in, but i was clomping a bit…

  3. Wicked shoes! From a distance, it would look like you were walking (sauntering?) inches above the ground.

  4. Oh… I like them! 🙂
    But they’re definitely not an everyday item…

  5. I think they look quite sexy and would love to see you walk in them.


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