In my Master’s mansion…

April 15, 2010

Yesterday my Master shared His latest fantasy with me.

My current fantasy involves living in a large Victorian manor house: dark wood, plus furniture, subdued lighting. I imagine a bevy of slaves also living in the house, under the supervision of a house mistress. She dresses them for my pleasure, in ways that I like and also surprise me. She sets them out for me as decoration around the house: standing in corners, tied to furniture, attached to tables and beds and chairs. She orchestrates scenes: sex scenes, submission scenes.

I imagine coming home after a long day to find them all standing in the hallway waiting for me, as a good house staff does. I imagine them waiting on me at dinner. I imagine one set up in the bathroom for me, another in the bedroom. I imagine the mistress walking them around on leashes.

Sexy stuff indeed. Last night He had me masturbate to His fantasy, and i took a little walk around the mansion in my mind.

Stopping in at the bathroom, i was the bathroom girl, carefully unbuckling my Master’s belt and unbuttoning and pulling down His pants before taking His cock in my mouth so He could relieve Himself. Then doing everything back up for Him when He was done, making sure His shirt was neatly tucked.

In the bedroom, maybe i was the one who got to sleep next to the bed, always on duty to suck His cock when he woke up in the morning, or maybe called into extra service if He woke up in the middle of the night.

Or maybe i was the new girl, learning the ropes, and for now my sole purpose was to lick and suck my Master’s nipples whenever His cock was  being serviced by another girl.

And maybe i’d done something wrong, and was bound over the spanking bench, my Master watching and listening to my cries as the Mistress caned me for my lapses.

What would *you* want to be, or see, in a mansion like my Master’s?


  1. I’ve been a longtime reader of yours but never commented. You are sooooo beautiful and I envy your relationship and dedication. I’ve often, though male, pictured myself in Your shoes. I would love to see in your mansion some slaveboys, servants of the slave girls, the lowest in the household.

  2. Of course, one girl would have to be the toilet maid, surviving on the rest of the staff’s golden waters…

  3. Hot post & great pic. I’m definitely adding you to my links. Love your site!

  4. my Sir Roland is a long time visitor and shares your blog with me a lot, love this picture and will continue to read – how have you been feeling better I hope hugs. Cari~

    • Thank you, Cari. i’m doing pretty well. Things aren’t perfect, but what is? i’m greatly looking forward to seeing my Master in just 5 days time!

  5. Hello,

    When you get time would you checkout my new site and let me know if you would like to be listed and linked there with the rest of us please? Its here:


    Please let me know. Thank you:)

    Jayne xx

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