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January 25, 2010


Somehow, she didn’t notice him when she walked into her house.  Turning, she opened the closet door, and leaned into its darkness to hang her coat up. That’s when she felt his hands. One over her eyes, the other over her mouth – presumably so she wouldn’t scream. Panic passed as she breathed in the air and smelled his smell, and knew it was him. So when the hand over her mouth disappeared for a moment and was replaced by his lips, his mouth pressed hard against hers, seeking – it seemed – to devour her, she didn’t say a word. Instead she kissed Him earnestly back, feeling her knees go weak as the kiss went on and on.

His hand was still over her eyes as he turned her to face the wall, holding her body in position with his own. He moved his hand away then, and replaced it with a blindfold. Taking his hand in hers, he led her carefully up the stairs, to her bedroom. Stopping outside the bedroom door, he stripped off all of her clothes. Then whispered in her ear – “Happy birthday, dear, I have a little surprise for you.” And then they stepped through the door, greeted by four male voices, each wishing her a happy birthday and expressing just how happy they were to see her…