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Masturbating for my Master

January 17, 2010


i got into bed and played with my nipples a bit, the pulled out my vibrator. i ran through a whole array of my stock fantasies – exhibitionism, objectification, the usual. 🙂 i meandered into piss slut territory for a while, and fantasized about some things i’d written You before – about You making me pee myself when we were out on a walk in some strange city, and about You peeing on me and making me drink Your pee. That all made me pretty hot.

i pulled out the dildo and started using it, but i needed to add some lube. After i did that it really felt fantastic, and i was riding along on the edge of orgasm for a while as i enjoyed fantasizing about You spanking me, and then fucking me. That’s what i was thinking about when i finally knew i was about to tumble over the other side of the orgasm cliff, and gasped out permission to You to come.

i came hard, and pulled the vibe away, feeling my cunt clenching and releasing around the dildo. Eventually i took that out too, then put the vibe away, and knelt for You.

As i knelt for You i felt the collar around my neck and the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and felt very connected and loved and wanted. i thought about how much i am looking forward to seeing You.

And then i kissed Your bracelet and went to sleep.