At the door

January 5, 2010


She rang doorbell, then waited. Standing in front of the door, shivering in the cold, despite the faux fur coat she wore. She was surprised that he hadn’t opened the door already, but she knew better than to ring again, and instead retreated into an internal dialogue while she practiced patience. Which, she knew, was a skill that he valued nearly as much as her ability to take him into her throat when she serviced his cock.

All she could think about was the cold, of course. Faux fur isn’t enough to keep you warm when that’s all you’re wearing, she pondered. Well, not quite all, her internal conversation went on – she also had crotchless panties and a lacy mesh bra, but those hardly counted for warmth. And the shoes, his favorite, pointy toed stiletto heels, with not even a platform sole to protect her toes from the cold pavement below.

She shivered again, and was clutching the coat closer around her when the door suddenly swung open.

“Hello, little one,” he said. “There’s a nice hot fire in the fireplace. What are you going to do for me to earn a place in front of it?”

Absolutely anything you want, she thought to herself, as she slipped into the house and closed the door behind her.


  1. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. As a newb to D/s it has given me tons of ideas and even inspired me to start my own blog with my sub now that I’m moving away for two years. Keep up the excellent work! BTW I linked your blog in my blog roll, it’s too good to leave undiscovered.

    • i’m always thrilled to learn i’ve been an inspiration. We definitely need more Doms writing, so i’ll be sure to check out your addition to the blogosphere. And thanks for the linky love too!

  2. yummy and lovely…. a beautiful fantasy!

    • Thanks, Laura. My Master told me to find a picture and write him a quick micro-fantasy. It turned out better than either of us expected.

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