Stress Reliever

December 30, 2009


When we’re apart and my Master is stressed, He often expresses how He wishes i were there to help Him relax. i know that spanking and fucking are both good stress release for Him. In my fantasies, i’m able to get to Him wherever He is. As soon as He sees me, He pulls me across His knees and launches into spanking me. Probably fast and furious at first, to take the edge off, then steady and rhythmic, using the pace to relax. By the time He flips me over and starts spanking my cunt He’s more under control, really able to enjoy Himself and my reactions. Then, when my cunt is hot and red, He slides the head of His hard cock into my cunt, then pushes Himself in with one hard stroke. He fucks me, maybe fast, maybe slow, but definitely deliberately, never stopping or letting back until He releases His come into my cunt and collapses on top of me.

Seems like that would help relieve a lot of stress.


  1. What an absolutely lovely way to relieve stress

    • My Master agrees… If only he were closer this week so i could have done just that!

  2. Must know what those shoes are!

    • A delightful pair of Christian Louboutin’s that didn’t fit well enough and got returned. So sad. i can’t find a link for them – we got them from Net-a-porter, but they don’t have them anymore.

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