My Master’s Face

December 17, 2009


While not our shortest visit ever (that honor goes to a 6-hour airport hotel rendezvous from very early on in our exploration of D/s), this one was certainly one of the most extravagant, what with me flying 2000 miles to spend a mere 18 hours (8 of them spent sleeping) with my Master before flying 2000 miles home again. Made even more extravagant by the fact that it came just 3 days before our previously-scheduled visit this upcoming weekend.

But, as i wrote in my last post, it’s been a long 7.5 weeks, and we both decided that getting to see each other 3 days earlier was worth the hassle and expense.

And if i’d had any doubts about it, they were completely obliterated when i looked at my Master’s face.

Our schedules had aligned to allow for the setup He prefers, which meant that i was at the hotel before Him, unpacked and dressed to his specifications, and waiting in the corner when He arrived. He took His time, attending to this and that in the room, coming over occasionally to stroke my ass or put his hand between my legs. At long last He settled onto the couch next to where i was standing, and ordered me to turn towards Him. From His perspective, i think He was merely inspecting His property, but for me, it was my chance to finally set my eyes on Him.

i know what my Master looks like – i have His picture on the desktop at work, for instance. i can call His image to mind instantly. But when i turned to looked at Him, it was a visual feast after 7.5 weeks of famine, and it instantly made me heart sing. And even though i always feel like i should be serious in these moments, i couldn’t stop a huge smile from lighting up my face as i drank Him in with my eyes.

Eventually (and not nearly as quickly as i would have liked, but my Master likes to take these things slowly), i got to touch Him, and to taste Him, and to give Him my mouth and my hands and my cunt. But when i burst into tears as He collapsed on top of me following His orgasm, it was the love i’d felt when i looked at His face, at His eyes, that was all that i could think of and all that i could feel.


  1. How absolutely lovely…. I am so so happy for Yyou both!

  2. The images and stories you share are wonderful, as is the connection you obviously share with your Master.

    Best to you both.

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