Feeling the anticipation

December 15, 2009


Written last night, counting down to our visit which starts tomorrow:

It’s 2 nights until i see You, and i’m just so excited. My heart pitter-patters every time i think about how soon it is, and how much i need and want to be with You. It’s been a long several weeks, and i’ve missed You so much.

(It’s been over 7 weeks since  i saw my Master last. We’d been very lucky over the summer to see each other a lot, so this 7 week stint has been really hard for both of us. But by this time tomorrow i will finally be with Him again. And will have been thoroughly fucked. Probably twice.)


  1. I hope you two have a great time together…Kara 🙂

  2. I have been reading your blog for sometime. What I love about how you write is how completely in sexual love you guys seem to be with each other. I have yet to meet that special sub with whom I can develop such an intense relationship. My benchmark is to see if I can get somewhere near to what you guys have managed to attain. Great writing. Please don’t stop.

    • Thank you for such a delightful comment. i hope you manage to find someone to share a special love with too.

  3. Oh wow I think this is my favorite picture of you so far. Lovely.

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