November 25, 2009

As soon as my Master sent me a link the image below, i knew it was only a matter of time before He was going to have me order one. And then, just a matter of time before our next visit and i would be wearing it.

i was right, of course, and the shoe gag now sits in my bedside table, waiting the three weeks until i’ll be seeing Him next. In the meantime, He’s instructed me to write about my thoughts about it.

From the first time He sent it to me i’ve gotten pretty turned on thinking about it. Mostly because it’s just such a perfect fantasy fulfillment device for Him, and i know it’s going to make Him so hot and so happy to see me like that. That desire to please Him combines with my own feelings, which are, shall we say, less enthusiastic. i don’t like gags. They make my jaw sore, and i really can’t stand the way they make me drool – it’s so gross! Plus, i know that we have another D/s event coming up in a few months, and given His love of exposing me in different ways, i suspect i’ll be making an appearance in public wearing this. Which will be embarrassing and humiliating.

But in that strange way that D/s works, the equation “desire to please” plus “dread, angst, and fear of humiliation” equals really hot. So every time i think about that thing, i get butterflies in my stomach and wet in my cunt. Which is, of course, exactly what my Master would like of me, so i expect He’s pretty pleased right now.


  1. Being some one who has a strong foot fetish I have one of these and love it. Even better is when the shoe is peep toed and Jess has her foot in it. It actually works pretty well when Jess has her bare foot in my mouth to. Holds it right in place.
    Hope you have a lot of fun with it and hope to hear about your experience once you get to use it.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving……Kara 🙂

  2. That’s pretty hot. Me likes, though my M isn’t much of a shoe guy.

  3. Wow,where did you order yours?

  4. Oh, I see, just click the picture 😉 Stupid me…

  5. lyn,
    Can’t wait to hear how the gag works out. It made me think of you IMMEDIATELY when i first saw it.

    • So far, not so good. The shoe doesn’t stay well, and it seems more for show than functional. But we just did a couple of quick tests on our last visit – we’ll try it out some more in the future, i’m sure.

  6. (grin) I HAVE to send the Mean Guy a link to this post–I’ve got a feeling he’ll love it, being the shoe guy that he is!


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