November 18, 2009


It’s one of those visits where i get to the hotel first, and am standing in the corner awaiting Your arrival. i hear the door open behind me, and i can’t help a smile flashing across my face, even though i’m trying to be focused and serious. i continue to wait patiently as You move about the room putting Your things away. i hear and feel You got closer and i’m anticipating the feel of Your hands on my body. But all You do is reach around and place the ball gag in my mouth, do up the strap behind me head, and leave me standing there.

i don’t like the ball gag, but i try to get past that, to find submission and inner peace and just go with the flow, but soon my jaw is aching and the drool is collecting and dribbling out, and i begin to fidget to try to distract myself from it. That’s when You come up from behind me, pull me over Your knee, and begin giving me a hard fast spanking. i’m trying to cry out, but i can’t because of the gag, and soon barely noticing the gag because my burning red ass is demanding my attention.

You push me off Your lap and place me on my knees in front of You. i’m sweaty and disheveled. My makeup is running and i have streaks from tears on my cheeks. You undo Your pants and release Your hard smooth cock, right in front of my eyes. You ask me if i want it, and i nod between shuddering breaths as a try to catch my breath and reorient myself. You reach behind my head and undo the gag, and i only have a second to try to swallow all the drool that’s collected and stretch my jaw before You’re pressing my head down onto Your cock and fucking my mouth.


  1. Great post. I feel the same way about the ball gag as you. Every time Jess uses it on me I feel some what humiliated because I can’t stop the drool from pouring out of my mouth. She will just tease me by rubbing her finger in it and telling me how I’ll continue to drool until she decides it’s time for me to stop. Though at the same time I do enjoy the control she has over me just from wearing the gag.
    Kara 🙂

  2. I love this. As I read you, I am there.


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