So Shiny

August 24, 2009

See more pics like these in my So Shiny set on Flickr.





  1. Those shiny heels look amazing on you. They really go well with both the jean and white capris. Are those from Zappos also? If these heels don’t cost you to much I hope their keepers. They look like they can be a great fall heel to. Thanks for sharing the pic. Kara 🙂

    • No, those are another pair of scary expensive shoes (Jimmy Choos!). So not keepers, as pretty as they are…

  2. Beautiful. I don’t know how any man would want to lay a mighty hand on such a beautiful masterpiece of a woman. I would massage your feet until you went to sleep every night.

    • But M, where would the fun be in that? i’d much rather be on the giving end of the massaging. And the receiving end of my Master’s mighty hands. But thank You for the lovely compliment!

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