Lessons not learned

July 19, 2009

See the picture above? Do up one more button, and you’ll have a perfect picture of my attire when my Master and i stopped at the hotel bar for a snack after our night out on Friday last week.  That’s right, i forgot to take my collar off AGAIN. This time my Master noticed it, but since i hadn’t remembered and He didn’t care, He just waited to see what would happen.

What happened is that we finished our snack and were getting ready to go, and He leaned into me and whispered into my ear that i was still wearing my collar. At which point i swore at Him. Repeatedly. And He just laughed at me. “There are so few things you find humiliating,” He said, “I have to take them when I can.”

Uh-huh. But i figure that probably no one noticed the collar because they were all too distracted by the 8 inch long school girl skirt it was wearing.


Although i was sitting in a much more ladylike fashion. Well, as ladylike as i could on the little end table Master was making me sit on in the bar. Eventually i switched to His lap. Better? Worse? Who knows. i’m sure there were at least some people figuring that He’d paid for me…

i had a good excuse for forgetting my collar, which was that i was blissed out on endorphins.

We’d had a really good time at the party the night before, and when our Friday night plans finished quite a bit earlier than we’d anticipated, we decided to venture out and try (one of?) the BDSM clubs in town. We got there pretty early, and a rope bondage class was just finishing up, so we had to wait around for that to clear before they opened up the play space.

i will say again that we’ve been very spoiled by play spaces in other cities. Despite having a lot of square footage, this club’s space was really oddly laid out, and the ambiance, very, well… grungy.  And once again, not the same quantity or quality of play equipment we’ve grown used to elsewhere. Particularly lacking were the nice padded spanking benches, which we are used to seeing in a wide variety of heights. i decided later that it must be part of the NYC scene vibe to make bottoms hold difficult positions for flogging or some such. But we like spanking benches because they support me so i can drift away on the pain, while putting me at a nicely ergonomic height for my Master.

At least there wasn’t much competition for the equipment that was there – in sharp contrast to the previous night’s hordes of beautiful people, this club was very sparsely attended during the time we were there.

Despite the disappointments, we did manage to have a really excellent scene. We found a spanking bench of sorts, and my Master started building me up, working me over with all the toys we’d brought with us. He was harder and meaner and spent a longer time than usual, which i liked, and i got nice and floaty and out of my head as He took me to subspace.

So really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that i’d forget my collar again. Forgot my wrist cuffs too, but at least those were hidden by my jacket, so i didn’t have to be embarrased by those until i got back to the room. And i guess i did learn one lesson. One which my Master teaches me every time He gets the chance. Whic is that a little embarrassment never hurt anyone, and is sometimes just what a submissive needs to remember her place.


  1. Why be embarrassed by your lovely collar? it is a position of some pride to be a slave to a Master that seems as wonderful as Yours. And you will never see those people again, so who cares? Let them look, let them wonder, and let Your heart swell at the thought of being His, rather than lose blood in your cheeks with embarrassment.

  2. You must be so comfortable with it that it’s become a part of you. You just don’t realize it’s on because it’s like wearing another piece of clothing that your sue to to always having on. However I would agree with you about the skirt. When I wear a short skirt & heels I always know where the eyes are. Kara 🙂

  3. Great that your Master got you nice and floaty.

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