Just pretty

July 18, 2009





  1. those shoes are adorable!! and just make the legs that much hotter

  2. So adorable, but also uncomfortable – the straps give me blisters. But they are such cute shoes my Master won’t let me get rid of them until i find replacements. Which has been impossible to do – i’m being completely thwarted in my attempt to find a cute white summer sandal.

    i’m thinking of trying to get them stretched, or trying out the strap cushions i’ve seen advertised online.

  3. Those are very beautiful. I’m surprise they bother you feet though. When I wear a wedge it’s one of the few shoes I can adjust to pretty fast once I break them in. I just bought these about a month ago (http://www.flyjane.net/CPages/productDetails.php?group=5487) and my feet were only sore the first few times. Now they don’t bother me at all. These white sandals I own are not a wedge but they are comfortable for me (https://www.shiekhshoes.com/store/p-15456-michael-antonio-oahana.aspx).
    Anyway, have a great day and thanks for the pics. I really love your shoes. Kara 🙂

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