Naughty Sub

July 7, 2009


i’m supposed to go without panties on the first day after my period ends. This month’s period was sorting of dragging along, and by the time i was sure i was done – yesterday – it didn’t seem like the first day after my period anymore, and i forgot the rule.

Late in the afternoon, i got an email from my Master asking why i was wearing panties, and i had to admit that i’d forgotten. He told me to take my panties off and shove them down my pants. i had to wear them like that for the rest of the day/evening. Fortunately, i was wearing tight-ish jeans, so i didn’t have to worry about them going anywhere. But not so tight that there was too much of an obvious lump.

The punishment certainly kept me aware of my cunt and my mistake and my submission, and i was very aroused and wet when i was finally able to take them out of my pants as i got ready for bed last night.

Thank You, Sir.


  1. It is obvious you need a bit more training if you are still forgetting something as basic as going sans panties the first day after your period concludes. Your “excuse” for not obeying such a simple requirement lacks to the extreme. The “first day after your period ends” is pretty easy to ascertain. Hopefully, this points out for you, and your Owner, the primary issue with long-distance D/S-S&M relationships. It is also hoped you will commit yourself to a higher level of obedience after this error.

    • The state of my training and obedience is an issue for my Master, and neither of us appreciates “drive-by-domming” on this blog.

  2. Is very disrespectful to input on other people’s relationships but to master Antonia it is obvious that she understands what she did wrong and he punished her effectively! I am dealing with my sub with remembering my rules as well as her place! He was out of line

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