July 7, 2009


It’s 10 days until i see You again, and i’m really looking forward to
having time to reconnect and reestablish our relationship. We’ve both
been so busy that it’s hard to keep it as close as we both want and
need. So i’m thinking about You helping me remember my place and my

It’s 9 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about You dressing me up to go out, and how i want to look good for you. i was so nervous about clothes on our first visit there, so long ago. You’d made some comment about my not having the wardrobe for that city, and i never forgot it. i’m much less worried about it this time, and know that i will look as good on Your arm as You want me to.

It’s 8 days until i see You again, and i’m looking forward to us destressing with one another. When i’m wrapped up in Your arms, i feel cozy and at home and in the moment, enjoying thoroughly our time together. You fucking me is another time when it’s hard to think of anything else (and a whole different kind of fun than cuddling). And i want to be there for You, so that You can use Your slavegirl in any way that You need and that pleases You.

It’s 7 days until i see You, and such a thrill to think that i’ll be seeing You in just a week. i’m looking forward to being Your play thing in whatever ways You want me to be, but right now i’m particularly thinking about You hurting me, and remembering the clothespin game from last time. It makes me hot knowing that You can do whatever You want to me.

i really can’t wait to see You in 6 days. i’m looking forward to kissing You, and how it makes me feel deeply in love with You and deeply horny for You, all through my entire body. i love Your lips and how they feel against mine, and our tongues tangling together. i just love everything about kissing You, and can’t wait until i get to do it again.

5 days, and i’m looking forward to You fucking me. With my legs up over Your shoulders so i can admire my pretty shoes. And with my knees twisted to the side because that always makes me so hot. And in the million other positions that You manipulate my body into to meet Your desires.

It’s 4 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about You dressing me up in whatever pleases you. i’m thinking doing my hair and makeup so i’ll look pretty for You. i’m thinking about You showing me off.

It’s 3 days until i see You again, and i’m thinking about submission, and remembering my place, and behaving in a pleasing matter for You. i’m thinking about letting go and putting ego aside, and that even though it’s hard it’s so rewarding too. i’m wishing it wasn’t such a struggle in between each time, but this is par for the course that we are on, and rather than lament the in betweens, i’m going to focus on returning to You promptly in order to make the most of the moments we are together.

i can’t wait to see You in 2 days. i can’t wait to be Your willing fucktoy. To feel that first long hard push of Your cock into my cunt. To taste Your cock in my mouth. To kneel for You and serve You and be Yours in all the ways You demand of me. For four lucky nights and five lucky days.

It’s 1 day until i see You again. (About 12 hours, actually, but who’s counting? Oh, wait, that would be me…) i’m thinking about the 9 pairs of shoes that i just packed, and You fucking me while i wear each and every one of them.

One comment

  1. Hope you have a fun time and enjoy wearing all those shoes!!! Kara 🙂

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