In which i found my little girl, and she found her Daddy

May 9, 2009


i’ve long thought that for all our use of terms like Master and slavegirl, our D/s relationship has more in common with Daddy/girl than traditional D/s. My Master really enjoys taking care of and pampering me, and and i enjoy being taken care of and pampered. But the few times i’d tried calling him Daddy just left me cold, or even a little squicked.

Until Paris.

Traveling overseas alone (we took separate flights and met there) was stressful for me. Being in a city with different customs and language, also stressful. Exciting, of course, but as a control freak, i get very uncomfortable when i feel out of control of my environment. Combine that with losing a night’s sleep and jet lag, and i was feeling really fragile at the beginning of our stay.

My Master is an experienced world traveller. He’d been to Paris many times before. It was wonderful to have Him there to take care of me, to answer the questions in French i didn’t understand, to show me what to do, to solve all the problems for us.

i didn’t realize how my feeling fragile would translate to our relationship until we were in the middle of sex and i found myself calling Him Daddy. Suddenly, i realized that i was feeling like nothing more than a little girl facing a strange new world, and i knew that He was my Daddy and would take care of me. It was so relieving, to recognize and acknowledge that shift in roles.

Thankfully, He recognized and acknowledged it too, picked up on what i needed, and intensified it. He made me say it over and over again as He fucked me:

“Please fuck me Daddy.”

“Please fuck your little girl.”

“i need to be your little girl, Daddy.”

“i need my Daddy to fuck me.”

“Oh Daddy…. thank You, Daddy”

With every utterance of that forbidden word, i felt safer and safer. i knew i would be taken care of. Unlike the times i’d played at this before, this time there was no akwardness. Instead, it came completely naturally, and filled this need that i hadn’t clearly identifed and didn’t even know needed filling.

After a couple of days in Paris my feelings of being a little girl went away, and so did He as my Daddy, since i didn’t need Him anymore. We didn’t talk about it – it was just organic, a natural ebb and flow of a new dimension of our relationship.

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